Happy Halloween!!

Whew! What a weekend! On Friday, I had a costume contest at work, so I decided to turn myself into a zombie. I tore up an old shirt and jeans, painted my exposed skin with green and brown make-up, then had Bethany douse me in fake blood. The end result was pretty spectacular if you ask me – especially since the whole get-up only cost me $10. Not to mention I won the contest at work and got a nice little $50 AMEX gift card 😉 Can’t argue with that!

zombie costume

Bethany’s costume contest for work was today, so we did her costume last night. She went as the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. We couldn’t find overalls anywhere, so we just made the top half of the overalls from a pair of old jeans that we glued to a white t-shirt. We glued felt ears to a headband, gave her a felt tail, then we cut a giant cookie from a cardboard box and painted a nose and whiskers on her face. Easy Peasy! And it looks great!

If you give a mouse a cookie

Not too bad, right? lol

if you give a mouse a cookie

And of course we made cupcakes! We made two version – a family friendly version, and a macabre version. Both have a triple chocolate cake (chocolate cake filled with brownie batter and swirled with chocolate sauce). The family friendly version is topped with vanilla buttercream that I colored orange for Halloween and sprinkled with orange sanding sugar.

halloween cupcake

The macabre version is topped with a green zombie flesh, garnished with blood and bits of connective tissue. Mmmmm!

zombie cupcake

The frosting is just green vanilla buttercream swirled with a mixture of other colors to give it that realistic “fleshy” depth. The blood is raspberry sauce made from some incredible fresh raspberries and sugar. And the connective tissue is small strips of sour strawberry licorice candy. The texture makes it feel like you’re really eating flesh and blood. It’s pretty awesome 😉 The chocolate cake is soft and velvety but has a dense, rich chocolate flavor like a brownie. I’m not big on chocolate, but these are really good!



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