Double Dark Chocolate Cupcakes!

double dark chocolate cupcakeI received a request from a co-worker for some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for his birthday. Since we’re still in the development stages of a lot of our flavors I decided to play around with our chocolate cake just a little. Instead of unsweetened cocoa I used Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa, which gave the cake an incredible dark chocolate flavor, and I also added a little applesauce to the batter to help alleviate the dryness I had with my last chocolate cupcakes. I also decided to work on a chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe which we had not made previously. I figured now was a good time to add it to our repertoire. So I made up a dark chocolate cream cheese frosting to go with the dark chocolate cupcake and the result was pretty dang good. The tang from the dark chocolate cream cheese frosting is a nice little surprise that works well with the dark roastiness of the cake, and the applesauce did a great job of keeping these cupcakes moist. I’ll probably be making a lot of these in the future.

Side Note: I always use the 1M tip for chocolate frosting, because the standard 1A round tip I normally use makes the frosting look like poop. Literally.


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