Cherry Pie Cupcakes!

cherry pie cupcakeMy mother makes the best cherry pie I’ve ever eaten, so in the spirit of the holidays I decided to turn her cherry pie recipe into a cupcake. I had already visualized how I wanted to put it together, but I had to decide how to incorporate the flavors and how to get the same cherry pie texture and flavor in a cupcake.

Her pie recipe uses almond extract…which, aside from cherries, is the only other flavor in the pie. So I decided to make almond cupcakes as the base. I then made up a batch of her cherry pie filling, but I didn’t want to bake it in the cupcakes themselves, so I just mixed it all together in a sauce pan and cooked it on the stove until it gelled and had that smooth pie filling texture. It worked perfectly as the filling for my cupcakes.

To garnish, I made up a batch of my mom’s pie crust, made it into a giant lattice on the counter top, then used a cupcake-sized glass to cut out circles, which I put on a baking sheet and baked. I purposely  over-filled the cupcakes so that when I pressed the lattice crust down on top, the filling would spread out and show from the sides. Then I topped them with a small dollop of my oh-s0-incredible homemade whipped cream.

The almond cake tied in perfectly to the cherry filling. The textures all worked amazingly together and the small amount of pie crust on top gave you just enough of that flaky texture and flavor to let you know it was a cherry pie cupcake and not just a cherry cupcake. I’m very pleased with the results of this cupcake, but I’m sad that it’s a seasonal cupcake and I can’t make it more often. They’ll be back for Christmas though 🙂 Along with a few other crazy cupcake ideas I have 😉

National Cupcake day is on December 15th too, and I’m still trying to decide how I want to celebrate…I’ll keep you posted on that.


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