More Cupcakes!

shirley temple cupcakesA co-worker of mine requested some cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday party this coming weekend. At first, she had requested Shirley Temple cupcakes, so I mixed up a batch of Sprite cupcakes and baked a maraschino cherry in the middle. The cakes themselves tasted pretty dang good IMO. The frosting is where I went wrong…I made a buttercream with a splash of maraschino cherry syrup and Sprite. Sounds good, right? Well the maraschino cherry syrup was so overpowering that the frosting tasted like nothing but maraschino cherries. From a culinary standpoint, maraschino cherries should be used as a very small supporting role and never as a major flavor. And my frosting was proof positive of why. It’s not a very good flavor in large doses. Compare it to drinking the juice from the jar of cherries. Blech…

chocolate chocolate cupcakesShe agreed, so she changed her mind and asked for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, but didn’t want them “too¬†chocolaty” lol – it was an unusual request, but I tried my best. I made my normal chocolate cupcakes, but replaced 2 Tbsp of cocoa powder with sugar. That helped to cut down on the fudginess that my chocolate cupcakes normally have. For the frosting I made a chocolate buttercream, but instead of using unsweetened baking chocolate, I used a regular hershey’s bar. This made for a very sweet, slightly chocolate frosting that went very well with the cupcake. All in all, it came out to be a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting that wasn’t too chocolaty lol. We’ll see what she thinks when she tries it later today.


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