Going Public…

Even though we’ve been making cupcakes for several months now, we haven’t sold any of our cupcakes. We’ve focused mainly on recipe development, flavor development, and smoothing out the bumps in our decorating skills (just look back through our blog and you can see how much we’ve improved.). But recently, after giving away free samples for some flavor testing at my work, the demand has skyrocketed. We’ve had numerous requests for cupcakes for birthday parties, and we were even recommended for a Cupcake event at our church (We first found out about it because someone recommended us and our cupcakes weeks before the event was made public.). Right now, every weekend in December is booked with cupcake orders. 🙂 Very excellent news considering we still haven’t really told people we’re selling our cupcakes yet.

So our hand has been forced. I’m going to work on getting everything set up to officially start our cupcake business. It’s about time, right? We’re still going to limit advertising to family and friends (and people who read this blog :-P), but hopefully things will work out and this will go somewhere. I’m very excited that we have a product people want to buy. We work so hard on our cupcakes 🙂 It’s nice to know that they make people happy!

So keep an eye out – we’ll have a brand established shortly, and eventually anyone in Houston will be able to enjoy our treats! Gotta start slow, though 😉 Baby steps.


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