My first fondant experience…

I apologize for the delay in my posting. Life is getting pretty hectic lately.

Another coworker of mine requested cupcakes for her daughter’s 13th birthday party. Her only requests were that it be softball themed (with YELLOW softballs, not white) and that the flavor be reminiscent of the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. I love using high-end ingredients to make lavish desserts, so I was very excited about this particular order.

I decided that I was going to try my hand at making fondant as well, so I could turn the cupcakes into softballs, and add something new to my repertoire. I mean, after all, making fondant is pretty fundamental for a baker, right?

softball cupcake dozenSo for the cupcake I made our traditional chocolate cake, and I filled it with a variation of our chocolate cream cheese frosting (I tweaked a few things to make it taste more like cheesecake than a traditional chocolate cream cheese frosting) made from Godiva 72% dark chocolate. I then made an incredible dark chocolate mousse from the same chocolate and piped a little of that on top of each cupcake.

I made up a batch of fondant and colored it yellow using Wilton gel colors. I also made a small amount of purple fondant to make her softball number for one of the cupcakes. Both turned out perfectly – I was very happy with the results considering it was my first attempt at the stuff. So I rolled them out, cut out the number and the softball circle, then decorated each softball with gel icing and a toothpick (which gave it a very realistic look IMO), then slapped them onto each cupcake.

softball fondantOriginally I was concerned about the dustiness from the powdered sugar, but I left them alone and put them in the fridge to keep until I delivered them the next morning. When I opened the box the next morning, the hazy powdered sugar look was gone and they were shiny and looked like real softballs. I was very happy!

They went over really well at the party, and it seemed to have caught the attention of some of the parents there who have started inquiring about my services 🙂 I’m gonna have to start using fondant more often!


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