Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake!

carrot cakeThe other day at work we were discussing the fantastic carrot cake that a coworker of ours make, and Jackie (another coworker) stopped us all and said SHE made the best carrot cake. So of course I decided that we needed to have a bake-off to prove who makes the best carrot cake. I joined the bake-off to act as a control since I had never baked a carrot cake before. And assuming they both bake the best carrot cakes around, my entry should validate that, right?

So we agreed on a date and everyone brought in their wonderfully decorated carrot cakes for the judging. The three judges consisted of 2 talented bakers and a former restaurant chef, and the cakes were judged based on presentation (5pts), originality(5pts), and taste(10pts). The winner was the person with the highest total score.

Stormy, the seasoned carrot cake master, scored 25 pts

Jackie, the one who claimed she makes better carrot cake than anyone, scored 36 pts

and I, the carrot cake newbie with no prior carrot cake experience that submitted a cake as a control sample, scored 46 pts.

I thought Stormy’s was fantastic, and I thought Jackie’s was awful. I voted Stormy for 1st, me for 2nd, and jackie for 3rd.

After the judging, we opened up our cakes to the rest of the building to hold a quick People’s Choice Award contest. The results of that were exactly how I voted originally. Stormy 1st, me 2nd, Jackie 3rd.

Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with my cake. I did a lot of research to figure out the best methods for making a carrot cake, then constructed my own recipe with ingredients that were based on my own personal preference, and it came out a success. My first attempt was atrocious – it was more like a carrot bread :-& I didn’t care for it.

I topped my cake with my regular cream cheese frosting and I piped out a carrot on top, and surrounded it with chopped pecans because I felt the need to be cliche for the contest 🙂

Just thought I’d take the time to toot my own horn 😉 Now I just need to adapt the recipe into cupcakes, and add them to my menu.


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