Vote for our logo!

So Bethany and I finally agreed on a name for our little bakery “business.”

The Little Cake Bakery 🙂

It’s simple and short, easy to remember, and simply states what we do. I also appreciate the fact that it works on two levels – we’re a little bakery, but we’re also a bakery that specializes in little cakes.

So here’s where we need your help. I’ve drawn up two logos so far and I want to know what you guys think. I’m curious to see which style you like better. We haven’t decided on colors yet (I only used orange because it’s my favorite color), but I think I have two good logos here and want to see which style gives you the impression of a more appealing bakery.

Voting is simple – leave a comment with “A”, “B”, or “neither” to let us know which you like best.

Thanks for your input!

the little cake bakery


the little cake bakery 2


14 thoughts on “Vote for our logo!

  1. To be honest…..I choose neither. Can’t put my finger on why. If I have to choose it would be B

  2. I vote A. I like the clean look. I’m glad you aren’t set on those colors though. I do like the gray, but I’m not a big fan of the orange.

  3. I like A. It boldly announces that this is a cup cake shoppe. They are both very good and I like them both but I think A has the sales/marketing edge.

  4. I think B is more “cutsey” and A is more clean. I like cute, so I pick B. Wish I was in H-town to try some of those delicious cupcakes!

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