Revised: Coconut Rum Cupcakes!

I got an order for coconut rum cupcakes earlier this week that I delivered this morning, and I know I’ve already posted my coconut rum cupcakes, but since then I’ve made a couple revisions to the recipe. I decided to use Bacardi Gold instead of white rum, and I took out some of the toasted coconut in the cake to help it rise a little more (if you look at the last picture of the coconut rum cupcakes, the cake didn’t even rise to the top of the cupcake liner). Well both revisions worked like a charm – the gold rum gave the cake more of a rum flavor than the white rum did, and it helped turn the cake into a darker golden color. And by reducing the toasted coconut in the cake, it allowed it to rise beautifully. Below are the before and after pictures. The new version got RAVE reviews by the customer and the people he shared them with. I love when my customers are happy 🙂

coconut rum cupcake before


coconut rum cupcake


If you want some, and you’re in the Houston area, call 281-671-4221 to place your order!
$40/dozen for regular, $50/dozen for jumbo. Free Delivery on orders of $50 or more!


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