Angel Berry Cupcakes!

For Memorial Day I wanted to create a new cupcake to celebrate the holiday. I knew I wanted to use fresh berries and whipped cream to create the red white and blue, and a coworker had been bugging me for the longest time to make an angel food cake, so I decided to oblige her.

Angel Food cake is a cruel cupcake to make. I hated the idea of separating a dozen eggs and only using the whites, but I figured out that I can prevent the waste by making my yellow cake at the same time since it uses an equal number of egg yolks. How convenient!

Aside from the fact that I have to make another batch of cupcakes to keep from wasting ingredients, I can’t use my mixer to mix everything together. Once I whip the egg whites, I have to bust out my spatula and fold in the dry ingredients 1/4c at a time until my arm falls off, or all the ingredients are incorporated, whichever happens first.

I also had to spend my afternoon testing cooking times. As it turns out, you can’t test angel food with a toothpick unless you want a deflated cupcake. Not only that, but the top browns within 5 minutes in the oven, so they look done long before they are. I ended up stealing a cupcake every 5 minutes to eat and check for doneness. This method didn’t work out so well because 5 minutes is a long span of time for angel food apparently. They went from eggy and raw to overcooked within two tastings. Not only does overcooking angel food give you a gnarly crispy texture, but it also shrinks them like crazy. Angel Food requires a very precise bake time, so I split the difference between eggy and overcooked and adjusted my cook time for the next batch.

I also learned that angel food cake doesn’t rise very much at all. So if you fill the liner 2/3rds, then you get 2/3rds of a cupcake. So I had to overload them to get a decent size and shape. I could say that I’m ashamed to admit this is my first time making angel food, but after tasting these beauties, I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.

I topped the fluffy cakes with fresh whipped cream and delicious blueberries and a raspberry, then dusted them all with powdered sugar for a little panache.

It’s a tiny gesture to celebrate the memory of our fallen soldiers and veterans, but it’s the best thing I know how to do 🙂

Angel Berry Cupcake


2 thoughts on “Angel Berry Cupcakes!

  1. I though these were AWESOME. I’m not a big fan of icing so these were great for me. I liked the lightness of both the cake and the icing. The berries and whipped cream reminded me of creme brulee. Great job Eric. Put me down for a dozen next time I have an event ( or just a craving ).

  2. Eric these cupcakes were outstanding. Thank you for taking the time to make these. As you know I have already placed an order for a dozen of these bad boys. Angel food is one of my favorite cakes so this just put it over the top for me. Everything I wanted and more.

    Thanks from the harrassing employee who finally won!!

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