The New Website!

Well I finally got our website set up and online 🙂

I’ve also been busy getting all the paperwork done to legitimize our little operation. I got my ServSafe certification, and I’ve sent off the paperwork to register our Assumed Name in Harris County, and I’m currently working on registering a trademark for the name of the bakery. It’s crazy expensive, but I think we have something good here and the protection of a federal trademark would benefit us greatly.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time writing up our business plan and calculating our start-up costs in order to eventually acquire financing and move this business out of the house. I think as long as our annual sales are below $50k/year (the legal limit allowed for home bakers), though, we’ll just stay at home.

As for this blog, we’re definitely going to continue to post all of our delicious cupcakes and share them with our readers. We have a lengthy list of test kitchen cupcakes to make, so stay tuned for updates! Right now we’re working on snickerdoodle and cinnamon roll cupcakes 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for reading and subscribing!