About This Blog

Two Texas Bakers is a blog by Eric and Bethany McDowell that was started to chronicle our journey and growth as bakers from Houston, Texas. We started baking cupcakes in January 2011 to give us a fun, creative outlet, as well as an excuse to not let our busy lives get in the way of us spending time together. I’ve always loved to cook, and Bethany has always been my kitchen co-pilot, so we decided to start this venture into the world of cupcakes just to see what we could do with it.

We started with a basic recipe for vanilla cupcakes and I used my culinary “prowess,” and multiple trials and errors, to manipulate the recipe until it became an acceptable, unique cupcake that wouldn’t blend in with the mediocre grocery store cupcakes. What started with vanilla soon evolved into other flavors – chocolate, key lime, dreamsicle, red velvet, lemon, s’mores, etc. The cupcakes got rave reviews with family members, so we decided that maybe we had a product worth sharing…so we did. I started baking cupcakes for coworkers in exchange for reviews and feedback on flavor, appearance, smell, and so on. I used their critiques to adjust our recipes and flavors accordingly, slowly adapting our cupcakes for a broader range of palates.

The move was a success – we started getting request after request for our cupcakes! The only problem was that we knew how to bake them…but not necessarily how to decorate them. Bethany stepped up as the “decoration foreman” to come up with ideas on how to decorate the cupcakes. We had never used a piping bag prior to the beginning of this venture, so our cupcakes looked sloppy :-/ But we slowly started getting the hang of things. You can look through our blog and see the evolution of our decorating abilities. 😉 We’re getting there.

So, here we are – we’ve developed approximately 24 different flavors in our “test kitchen” – sold about 20 dozen cupcakes so far, and we’re slowly  building steam. We’ll continue to document our journey, as well as our delicious cupcake creations, as we go 🙂

Thanks for reading!

eric and bethany


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